Sun-oxidized linseed oil

Sun-oxidized linseed oil is a special product that is manufactured by allowing raw linseed oil to stand in large containers outdoors under the influence of sunlight and oxygen in the air. The process lasts a long time (3–4 months), after which the linseed oil bleaches and thickens from oxidation.

This method of producing sun-oxidized linseed oil corresponds to the old way of producing so-called “linseed stand oil”. Sun-oxidized linseed oil, mentioned in texts dating from the 17th century, has been used in art painting and older craft painting. This oil has very good drying and gloss properties and good resistance to UV light.

We use sun-oxidized linseed oil is as a medium in our artist paints to improve the paint’s drying and gloss properties. It can also be used as added to our linseed oil paints before the final coat to create a deeper shine. We recommend using it for our darker shades to acquire a beautiful, deep shine. Add about 10 to 15 percent by volume to the paint. Note If you add it to white and light gray shades, the paint may thicken.