Linseed oil paint is a sustainable product based on natural linseed oil, but our quest to be environmentally friendly does not stop here. The idea of creating negative effects on the environment and nature is foreign to us. From packaging materials and production to transport and more, Ottosson’s always tries to find solutions with a minimal impact on the environment. Heating our factory premises, especially with a 16.4-foot ceiling height, consumes a lot of energy. We use a 3.73-mile geothermal heating loop with heat exchangers as a solution.

The wind turbine, among the first of its kind in Sweden when we set it up in 2009, works with two solar panel systems on the factory roof to produce environmentally friendly electricity corresponding to approximately 60,000 kWh per year. This means that today, we are almost completely self-sufficient in environmentally friendly electricity.

Environmental thinking is also a feature of our products. We have replaced the plastic packaging that we used previously for linseed oil and other products with metal and glass packaging. These materials are recycled to a greater extent and can also be recycled an infinite number of times, unlike plastic, which has a limited life cycle and can be recycled only a few times before it reaches end of life.

Linseed oil paint and other linseed oil products are perfectly timed now that environmental problems are being taken more and more seriously. Our philosophy is to continue to drive development to reduce the impact on our beautiful natural environment.