Ottosson Linseed Paint

Our linseed oil paint can be applied on any surface. It protects the substrate from weather and wind, the ravages of time and the changing seasons. In Sweden, as in the rest of Europe, there is a long tradition of painting buildings and interiors with linseed oil paint. The reason the paint has survived for 500 years is because it really does provide protection to the substrate on which you are painting.

Ottosson Raw Linseed Oil

Swedish cold-pressed raw linseed oil of the highest quality. The oil is stored for at least 6 months after being pressed so that any slime products may settle. It is a natural treatment without any chemical additives. The absolutely pure linseed oil is then decanted to another storage tank.

Ottosson Boiled Linseed Oil

Swedish boiled cold pressed stored linseed oil from our own cooking plant. The raw material is cold pressed stored and absolutely pure raw linseed oil which is heated to approx. 140 C. Used inter alia for diluting linseed oil paint and as a varnish indoors. We use this boiled linseed oil as a binding agent in all our linseed oil paints.

Ottosson Linseed Oil Soap

Our own manufactured Linseed oil soap is handcrafted and made of Swedish cold-pressed linseed oil. Linseed oil soap is naturally oily and acts to moisturize the skin.
Linseed oil soap has a wide range of applications such as general cleaning, cleaning brushes and hands when painting with linseed oil paints and in surface treatment.