How to paint with linseed oil paint

Painting with extra-durable linseed oil paint (Antique White) on new carpentry

Ottosson’s Antique white linseed oil paint offers a higher gloss and makes the painted surface extra-resistant to wear and tear. Note that Antique White Interior does not require the addition of desiccant. Do not thin. Two coats of shellac solution (knot sealer) are applied to knots before painting. Drying time 30 minutes.

1. Preparation and priming

Paint the first coat using Ottosson’s White Primer. Let dry for at least 2 days, then sand the surface lightly with fine sandpaper. Spackle any small holes and irregularities, for example with Rubinol oil putty. Wait 30 minutes and sand the spackled areas so they are even. Apply White Primer to the spackled areas.

2: Intermediate application

Mix equal parts of White Primer and Antique White. Apply a thin coat. Let dry for 2 days. Sand lightly.

3. Final application

Apply the final layer using only Antique White. Paint thin layers with appropriate brushes and modelers. Disperse the paint well.