Ottosson’s linseed oil wax (oil wax) is used as a surface treatment product to obtain protective and water-repellent surfaces. Common surfaces for treatment are brick flooring, tile, tabletops, and windowsills in natural stone, wood and metal.

Linseed oil wax is perfect for surfaces glazed with Ottosson’s glaze colors. It alters the glaze color only minimally and the surface becomes velvety smooth.

PLEASE NOTE! It is not possible to paint waxed surfaces. Once waxed, always waxed!

Humans have long used the technique of combining natural waxes, such as beeswax and carnauba wax (palm wax), with linseed oil and natural resins (tree resin). Countless recipes are available for such surface treatment products. Wax is a complex ester with the chemical structure CH3(CH2)nCOOC(CH2)mCH3. Waxes change their state under heat (liquid form) and cold (hard and brittle form).

With the help of heat, wax can be combined with linseed oil and resin (resin) to obtain different properties.