Ottosson’s makes its own linseed oil soap, handcrafted from Swedish cold-pressed linseed oil. It is cleansing and rehydrates the skin. The low pH value (9–10) makes this soap gentle and caring for hands and feet.
Contains potash-presaponified linseed-oil fatty acids and water. The soap is very oily and does not dry out the skin.


General cleaning, laundry detergent, window cleaning, hand & shower soap, foot bath, lubricant (squeaky hinges, for example), cleaning and re-greasing of rubber and leather, scrubbing of wooden floors, cleaning of brushes, car washing, and more.

We got a fun tip from a taxi driver who said that the best remedy for cleaning dirty leather car seats is to mix 1 part linseed oil soap with 8 parts water. Then mist the surface with a spray bottle and wipe it with a cloth. When the surface is clean, let it dry on its own.