Shellac / Knot Sealer is often used to seal knots, moisture damage, and soot before painting. It is a pure natural product and is nontoxic.

Shellac is produced from a small, purple, spindle-shaped scale insect called Lucifer lacca. The female seeks out twigs with slender shoots, pierces the twig with its proboscis, and absorbs the twig’s nutrients. As the it absorbs the sap, the insect produces byproducts that encrust its shell; shellac is made from this residue. If the larvae are affected by bad weather when looking for new host trees, or the area is subject to frost for longer periods, the animals die and the production of shellac decreases. This means that the supply of the raw material varies, and as a result, prices can fluctuate sharply.

Shellac is soluble only in alcohol. It is also used for a variety of other purposes, such as protection of fruit, confectionery, chocolate, and medicines. As insulation in electronics. As a surface finish for furniture, as a brightener in cosmetics. Shellac is also used to stiffen fabrics, leather, and hats. The only limit to its uses is one’s imagination.

Since 2009, we have directly imported high-quality shellac from Tolaram in India. This family-owned company, now under third-generation leadership, has long experience in the field. Please e-mail us any questions that you may have, and we will contact the manufacturer directly. Read more here: Tolaram Shellac India