The German term for boiled linseed oil is “Leinölfirnis”, but the only thing “Leinölfirnis” has in common with the Swedish word “fernissa (varnish)” is that both are based on boiled linseed oil.

When people in Sweden talk about varnish, they often mean a harder surface-treatment product that also contains natural or synthetic resin. The German name for such products is “Öllack” (Eng. oil varnish). If that were not complicated enough, Sweden’s technical nomenclature list (TNC 88) says that a varnish with resin and without pigment is a “lacquer”. If color pigments are added to the varnish, the paint is instead called a “lacquer”.

We have chosen to present transparent oils and resins that provide a protective transparent surface, such as Oil Lacquer and Bioimpression from Le Tonkinois. These surface treatment products can be used on a painted surface to strengthen the finish and make the surface easier to clean.

We also have our own Linseed Oil Varnish, which should be used only as an additive in our linseed oil paints to strengthen and increase the gloss of the paint. See other tabs in the menu to find products such as waxes, linseed oil waxes, shellacs and more.