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Our linseed oil paint can be applied on any surface. It protects the substrate from weather and wind, the ravages of time and the changing seasons. In Sweden, as in the rest of Europe, there is a long tradition of painting buildings and interiors with linseed oil paint. The reason the paint has survived for 500 years is because it really does provide protection to the substrate on which you are painting. However, the fact that it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive per square metre is also an advantage that should not be ignored. We at Ottosson are proud of being the bearers of this tradition and we continue to develop linseed oil paint for the needs of today.

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Dampen a cloth with Fulgentin
Wipe away the grease and dirt
Then buff with a dry cloth
It’s that simple!

Our paints for artwork
Our oil paints for artwork are appreciated by many artists.
We have been making these now for 30 years.

Gum Arabic & Shellac
Our Imports of natural raw materials
learn more about the use of
Gum Arabic and Shellac

Soap & soft soap
Enjoy a shower and wash the brush with
soap and olive and linseed oil soft soap.

Dusters & brushes
Removes dust and adds beauty.
Beautifully crafted from goat hair and ostrich feathers.

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