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Why should you as a distributor sell our linseed paint?

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1: Our linseed oil is paint without solvents

Water-soluble plastic and alkyd paints are largely waste products from the petrochemical industry. Through various processes, you can make oil water-soluble. Being water-soluble is not the same as being harmless and environmentally friendly, most of the time it is just the opposite. In order to make oil paint water-soluble, you use substances that can cause skin allergies and eczema.

Our linseed oil paint is a pure natural product. It contains no strange substances, just pigments and linseed oil. On occasion, we dilute it with gum turpentine. The oil we use for paint is pressed from locally grown flax seed from the plains of Skåne. To ensure the highest quality, we produce it ourselves.

2: Linseed oil paint builds and strengthens the material

Apart from the environmental and work related aspects, linseed oil paint has yet one positive characteristic; it builds and cures the underlying material. Linseed oil paint penetrates the underlying material and is joined with it. Water-soluble paints form a thick and dense film on top of the surface. 
What problems does that entail? 
 The film traps moisture, leading to conditions for rot in wood, corrosion in metal and erosion of plaster and brick.

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3: All our linseed oil paints are unique

When we produce paint, we do not start with a base and create the color by adding color concentrate. We start with natural pigments such as graphite or iron oxide minium. Each pigment has unique qualities, something we can use when we produce paint. This means that we can produce a white linseed oil paint that is “sluggish” if that is what your customer needs or one that is harder if that is what they prefer.

4: Have your customers ever tried painting with linseed oil?

Are they hesitant to try it? Some techniques are new, but most of the handling is just the same. The preparation is the same as when painting with water-soluble plastic or alkyd paints. The actual painting is different in a few distinct ways; If you customer is going to paint an untreated wooden surface, he does not need to treat the wood with any ”special products”, just saturate the surface with linseed oil and turpentine and then paint with Ottosson’s linseed oil paint.

When applying the paint, you should paint like a miser; in thin layers. Do you usually give a new façade two coats of paint? Count on three coats with linseed oil paint and longer drying time between each layer.

Calculated per liter, the cost is about the same for our linseed oil paint and water-soluble paint from one of the leading manufacturers. Calculated by the number of square meters your customers can paint with one liter of paint, linseed oil paint is always less expensive than painting with water-soluble paints.

5: Our linseed oil paint opens up for new customer segments

Lastly, our linseed oil paint is not a discount product. You will not find our linseed oil paint in outlets or discount stores. Our linseed oil paint is a product that targets quality-conscious consumers and skilled professional painters. These are two customer segments who demand service and competence. This is why we have focused on distribution via retail stores with knowledgeable staff and e-commerce.