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Why paint with linseed paint?

View the film about why you should paint with linseed paint:

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1: You can use the same paint on all materials

When painting the façade on your house, you don’t need to buy several types of paint of the same color. One type of paint is enough. Linseed oil paint gives you yet one unique quality; the binding linseed oil has low viscosity, i.e. it penetrates the cells of wood and the small cavities in plaster and metal surfaces. The small molecules in the linseed oil cures the material; protecting wood from rot, metal from corrosion and moisture from penetrating into plaster and brick. Combined with the purity of the linseed oil, it has an extremely high adhesion. The result is a painted surface that can sustain wear and tear.

2: Linseed oil paint builds and strengthens the material

Comparing linseed oil to water-soluble plastic and alkyd paint is like comparing apples to carrots. Linseed oil penetrates the material and is joined with it. In other words, if you choose to paint with linseed oil paint, you get easier, quicker and less expensive maintenance. The water-soluble paints form a thick and dense film on top of the surface. What problems does that entail? The film traps moisture, leading to conditions for rot in wood, corrosion in metal and erosion of plaster and brick.

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3: All our linseed oil paints are unique

Have you ever been to a hardware store and bought paint? Then you know that you start with a base and create the color you want by adding color concentrate. That is not how we do it.
We start with natural pigments such as graphite or red lead (minium). Each pigment has unique qualities, something we can use when we produce paint. That way, we can tailor the linseed oil paint with the features you require.

4: Painting with linseed oil is painting in harmony with the environment

Modern water-soluble plastic and alkyd paints are largely waste products from the petrochemical industry. Through various processes, oil can be made water-soluble. The term water-soluble does not mean environmentally friendly, most of the time it is just the opposite. In order to make oil paint water-soluble, you use substances are that can cause skin allergies and eczema. Our linseed oil paint is a natural product. It contains no strange substances, just pigments and linseed oil. The oil we use for paint is pressed from flax seed grown on the plains of Skåne. In order to ensure it’s of the highest quality, we produce it ourselves.

5: You save money and time using linseed oil paint

Honestly, is linseed oil paint more expensive than plastic paints? Calculated per liter, our linseed oil paint costs about the same as plastic paint from one of the leading manufacturers. Calculated by the number of square meters you can paint with one liter paint, linseed oil paint is always less expensive.